Shopping: How did I spend my giftcard?

So, as you might know,  I won a giftcard by placing first at the Unexpected Fashion Battle in September. Since I got myself two pretty cool coats for Fall and Winter (check them here and here) just recently, I wanted to think about what items I really needed. I came up with a plan to only buy black pieces, that would match with everything in my closet. I own a lot of basics so a few statement key pieces were allowed.

Check out my buys below!


First I found this cute but edgy crossbody bag. Since I have a habit of buying large bags only, this one was a much needed addition to my wardrobe. Check!


Then I found this cool bowlingbag; same brand and same collection. So you can imagine, this one caught my eye as well. And I know you ladies agree, different bags are needed for different purposes, right? The small bag is perfect for quick shopping sprees and date nights while this bigger version is, well, good for that… and everything else.

IMG_0492I fell in love with this skirt instantly! Actually I was looking for a simple faux leather skirt, but when I came across this one I knew I had to take it home. What I love most about it is the structure – and although you would not expect it, this skirt is very stretchy. Perfect fit!


At the beginning of last month – September – I only had two leather jackets and one of them was made of PU leather. It seemed only right to get myself a simple, classic leather jacket. Little did I know I would get myself into getting three. This is the one I chose in Stadshart Amstelveen. Check out my Instagram for the other two!


Ofcourse I had to bring home a new polish! For Fall, I wanted an old mid rose/red shade and this one came pretty close to what I was looking for. This color is called “Angora cardi”. I also bought a nail whitener, but I will not bother you with a boring pic of that.


Last but not least, I also got this gorgeous Fall/Winter lipstick from Mac Cosmetics, called “Paramount”. The photos don’t do justice to the beautiful retro brown/red color.

I listed all the items below! Let me know what you think of my buys!




Paramount lipstick € 19,00 by Mac Cosmetics | Angora cardi nailpolish € 9,99 by Essie via Etos | Leather jacket € 99,95 by Zara | Orains bodycon skirt € 34,99 by Coolcat | Parfois crossbody bag € 24,99 via V&D | Parfois bowlingbag € 34,99 via V&D


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