Shopping: budget looks

The struggle was real; January was my budget month and I couldn’t wait for it to be over! However, this month brought us the well-known “after-Christmas winter” sales – which makes it the perfect time to do some serious shopping.

I paired up some cool sets, mixing up sales ànd new collection. Just to make sure we’ll keep our bankaccount happy as well. Here are a few FW14 inspired looks, also very wearable during this years Spring!


Kim Kardashian might have been one of this years strongest style influencers. Love it!

Ribbed crop top by Topshop € 34,00 | Tapered trousers by Topshop € 55,00 | Black pumps by Forever21 € 24,95


Long teddy coat by Nelly € 39,95|Ribbed turtleneck by H&M € 19,99| Crepe peg leg trouser by Topshop € 52,00 | Black pump by Nelly € 49,95


ANNY nailpolish via Douglas € 9,95 | Leather biker jacket by Zara € 149,00 | Plunge neck midi dress by Boohoo € 26,00 | Heeled sandals by Zara € 69,95

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