Question: Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion?

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Kate Moss, maybe even Madonna. Just a few names that are likely to pop up in your head while thinking about answering this question. But let’s be honest, these style icons contribute to world’s biggest fashion trends and inspire people all over the world, designers included. What I’m curious about is who inspires you to be YOU when it comes to fashion? Maybe your mom, friends or maybe even your grandma?

Before I moved to Amsterdam, I was quite hesitant towards buying eyecatching, vintage and unique pieces. I think it had something to do with the opinion of others. It really made me feel insecure when my best friend, sister or boyfriend didn’t like my newest buys. Because, ofcourse you would like them to love everything about you. But is it really that big of a deal when they don’t?

Today I would like to share my personal style icons (or maybe better: sources of inspiration?). These strong-minded women don’t give a &*%#$ about the opinion of others, and I have to say, this attitude is pretty contagious. Let’s go!

Jessica van Aken

I met Jess about a year ago, when I started working for The Cloakroom. And wow, her sense of style is a-mazing! Jess is best described as the perfect mix of Kate Moss, NYC, Sex and the City and Ibiza (I hope that’s sounds good to you Jessy!). Because of her confidence everything, from a garbage bag to a wedding dress, just looks SO good on her! She kills it. Every. Single. Time.

This beauty owns the prettiest and unique fur and leather coats I’ve ever seen and she has everything from Air Max sneakers to 6 inch killer heels. Where she shops? I don’t know, but if we only knew… Her Amsterdam based apartment is to die for, I mean, even interior wise she has the best taste. Yes, this chick got style and definitely is a big inspiration. Oh and Jess, if you’re ever planning a closet sale, count me in!

I took a few of her Instagram posts to show you exactly what I mean, check ’em out below!




Zoë de Cunha

I’ve mentioned this babe earlier, check out this Q/A session from last year. I met Zoë via this selling app last year. We exchanged numbers to stay in touch and it just so happened that we became neighbors a few months later.

Zoë works as a Personal Shopper and recently launched her website: New Image Styling. She’s mommy to 4-year-old Aliyana and really is the best in what she does. Zoë really got me out of my comfort zone by taking me shopping and helping me discover my personal style. She knows exactly what works for a certain body type and skin tone and it has helped me a lot! Also, Zoë has an eye for vintage shopping, she knows how to hunt for treasures anywhere, anyplace, anytime – and with every budget. Ain’t no other!

What do you think of the red bag below? She found it for only € 1,- (!!!) and customized it into this expensive looking vintage bag! Isn’t it cool? This weekend she found me this amazing navy blue faux fur, and it’s perfect (I’ll show it later). Check out more of her photos on her page.



If it wasn’t for these ladies, I wouldn’t have bought my first fur coat, vintage bombers and leather jackets. I think it’s good to have a few people that inspire you to get the best out of yourself, someone that has helped you to find your style. How about you?

Who is your biggest inspiration when it comes to fashion? Let me know in the comments!


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