Nail it: Tips and tricks for the perfect nails!

Anyone who knows me can confirm that I don’t leave the house without a good old mani. To me, healthy well-manicured nails are an important part of a neat, pulled-together appearance. 

Here are my personal tips and tricks on getting your nail-game strong!


First things first: a good remover is everything. Especially when you’re like me and change colors twice a week – or more.

I highly recommend a nailpolish remover pot that I started using a while ago. Just dip and twist your finger into the pre-soaked sponge and your nails are clean within seconds!

Choose your file

I prefer to use an emery board over a glass file. They come in different grits, the lower the number the rougher the grit. Try to find one with a grit somewhere around 180 or 200 if you have healthy, natural nails.

It has been said that sawing your file back and forth – instead of  in one direction – will tear and break your nails. Sounds like blah-blah to me. I have never had any problems, just make sure you’ll file from the outside towards the center of the nail.


Before applying your colour of choice, make sure you’ll moisturize your cuticles. Putting oil around the cuticles helps moisturize the entire nail, which – ultimately – reduces chipping, cracking and splitting.

Tip: Use a moisturizing hand cream or lotion before you go to sleep, massage into hands, cuticles and nails for ultra-soft skin! 


There are a few things I keep in mind when I’m shopping for new additions to my collection; does it dry within a minute or two and does one layer has enough coverage? Essie, O.P.I and ANNY are my favorite brands, when it comes to top- and basecoats Essence is an absolute winner.

Tip: Make sure you test your nailpolish before buying! 



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