My favorite: Coconut-scented products

Seriously, I’m obsessed with anything that smells like coconut! I think my obsession started way back when I was somewhere around, maybe seven or eight years old? I remember my favorite candybars were Milkyways and – surprise! – Bountys. Also, we always had this great hairbalm conditioner from Palmer’s that smells really, really good! It truly is my favorite scent of all times.

Up till today I still love using coconut-scented products, from lipbalms, hairconditioners, bodybutters up to candles and reed diffusers. The smell is so relaxing and tropical, and there are more than enough benefits to using coconut oil products for your hair and body. I even use coconut oil for cooking, and one of my favorite drinks is coconutwater. I really can’t get enough!

Below you’ll find my fave products!


Salted coconut handscrub € 13,95 by Lush


100% natural lip oil coconut € 6,00 by The Body Shop


Amino Acid Shampoo 500ml € 29,50 by Kiehl’s | Amino Acid Conditioner 200ml € 21,00 by Kiehl’s


Coconut soywax candle € 18,00 via Het Landhuys


Organic coconut oil € 6,95 via De Notenshop


Weightless hydrating hair oil mist € 11,99 via Topdrogist



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