INSPIRATION: How to work the basics

Every closet has seen trends come and go, but the basics – that vintage blue jeans, the black stiletto pumps and the perfect white tee – are here to stay. Splurging on these key pieces is worth it since they will never go out of style or lose their classy, chic appeal.

So, whether you’re wishing to update your closet or simply want to start from the bottom, let me help you out. I handpicked these great items here, all items are very affordable, versatile and timeless.


Jersey tanktop € 19,99 | Used-wash skinny € 49,99 | Unisex sunglasses € 39,90 | PU leather bag € 59,99

Having the right basic essentials will help you dress down those eyecatching statement pieces, and when you choose to go for a simple look these basics are all you need. Simply put: you need these building blocks to build a strong foundation that can be paired with almost anything in your closet. Now, tomorrow and next season.


Slub jersey t-shirt € 15,99 | Leather skirt € 129,99 | Leather belt € 49,99

The Esprit slub jersey tee’s above are perfect to team up with a fashionable leather skirt and a pair of Adidas sneakers. Feeling more casual? Pair this tee with your go-to jeans and you’re good to go! And yes, it’s a good idea to buy shirts like these in multiple colours – just in case, and this goes for all basics.

When it comes to denim – as seen below – you can’t go without! Denim on denim is hot, just make sure you pair them with simple accessories and shoes. Also, denim and leather are the perfect couple, whether you choose an edgy bikerjacket or classic shoes. A denim shirt might be one of the most versatile items ever. I love to wear it on a black skinny but try to upgrade it with a leather skirt, perfection!


Leather bikerjack € 199,99 | Stretch skinny € 39,99 | Denim shirt € 49,99 | Long cardigan € 29,99

I wrote this post about spending money on wardrobe essentials a while ago. Make sure you’ll check it out, I gave plenty of tips on creating the perfect closet.

What are you favorite basics? And where did you found them?



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