TITLE As I mentioned in my last article about my sale buys, shopping during sales may be very tempting. It’s probably the best feeling for any fashionlover: that moment when you find that item you’ve wanted for a while at half price. Right? Think twice, it’s so easy to be tempted and end up with clothes that will never be worn.

Let me share my personal tips (or should I call it goals?) on how to make the most of the sales


1. Closet inventory

Most important: take stock of your current wardrobe! Make sure you make notes: what really needs to go? Do I need it replaced? As I work in the city centre of Amsterdam, I often come home with impulsive buys. You know, when you didn’t think you needed a royal blue dress, but suddenly you did? Keep this list in mind while you’re shopping so you don’t get carried away.  2. Setting the budget I’d like to set a budget for the total amount of money I allow myself to spend. As regards the individual items, I keep an open budget. Whether that perfect white blouse is € 10,00 or € 40,00, when it’s perfect I’ll get it. 3. Route planning So, we’re at this point where we made sure what things we need – and also, what we don’t need. Next up is figuring out the shops where you may find these items. I always try to get there early so I don’t miss out. Some girls prefer to shop online but I always managed to find more when I visit the store itself. 4. Stick to the classics  This one is one to keep in mind at all times! Sale period is the perfect time to invest in classic, timeless items rather than trendy hot-picks that won’t make it to the next season. I try to find out what trends are upcoming or still on trend by watching next seasons fashion shows.

Some of my favorite trends: 


Leather look skirt € 15,00 H&M


Double-breasted coat € 59,99 Zara


Knitted sweater € 8,99 Mango



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