How to look slimmer in “bulky” winter essentials

I was waiting for my BF at Amsterdam’s Central Station for a nice city date, and although it has been at least a year already, I still remember him saying: “hey babe, thank god you aren’t wearing that white fluffy teddy coat”.

So yeah, we all love (and need) those big chunky knits and oversized fluffy coats. We also know they aren’t exactly flattering. Let’s go through a couple of styling tips that are perfect for the colder months.

Buckle up

Buckle up, ladies! Simply cinch an oversized coat or cardigan by belting it at your waistline. Go for a nice vintage option or your favorite printed belt.

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Legs for days

A nice pair of toned legs are uber feminine, and when wearing those oversized, bulky items, we definitely have to show them off! To create the illusion of long(er) legs simply pair the color of your pants or skinny jeans with the color of your shoes or boots. Also, thigh-high boots are absolute winners!




Bring out them heels

Wearing heels in winter might be a bit challenging, but instantly elevates your look to the next level! Dealing with a climate where snow is factor? A lug-sole bootie might be the thing for you, adding height and femininity without slipping on style.





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