Get to know: Personal Shopper Zoë de Cunha

Zoë de Cunha | 27 | Stylist/Personal Shopper | Amsterdam | @zldecunha_


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Zoë was one of the first online sellers (we’re selling on Depop) I met face-to-face since I moved to Amsterdam last year. She offered me to show me around the city, so we exchanged numbers to be able to stay in touch.

Imagine I was quite surprised when I got a message saying; “girl, is it you taking out the trash in front of my window?!”. I recently moved to a new studio-apartment, and it just so happened that we became neighbors!


The love of my life!

Zoë has the cutest little girl, Aliyana, and works as a Stylist and Personal shopper. She’s working on her website that will launch very soon! Read all about her in this Q/A session!

So, tell me more about what you do:
“Well, I’m a personal shopper / stylist. At the moment I’m working for my regular clients – all high-end. I get to visit the most beautiful, exclusive places and each day is different. I love it!” 



Who is your style influencer?
“I don’t think I really have one in particular. I often get inspired by the Kardashian sisters. They have grown a lot when it comes to fashion and style, especially Kim, I love her looks! 

I keep an eye on different celebs and like to translate their looks to my personal style. I love items that are a bit hard to find, to keep my style unique and one-of-a-kind.”


Please don’t interrupt while I’m ignoring you!

What is your ultimate wardrobe essential?
“Only one?! I have a couple of them actually! I would go for a good fur coat, it pairs good with almost everything and is – therefor- always worth the money. Team up with ripped jeans and sneakers or make it classy by adding a pair of killer heels. However you would like to wear it, it’s an essential!”

What are you buying this Spring to update your look?
“I’ don’t know, I haven’t came across absolute musthaves yet. When it comes to colors though, I’m going for neutrals such as grey, nudes and army green.”

10948717_1589659131247681_1828973386_nAny insiders tips on how to build the perfect wardrobe?
“The perfect wardrobe?…. To each his/her own. When you love it, buy it! Don’t think about it for too long, and definitely don’t give a f*ck about anyone’s opinion! It’s the only way to build your perfect wardrobe”. 

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