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927741_1497159290501611_1558868488_nLey Tyranno | 24 | Freelance designer | Amsterdam | @leytyrann

Ley is one of those girls I look up to; a young successful, self-made professional with a tremendous sense of fashion and a sweet personality. Another power women to follow; she’s on fuego! This beauty is busy 24/7, so imagine I was glad to get a hold on her and ask her about her style and career. Check out our little Q/A session below!

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So, tell me more about what you do
“I currently work as a freelance designer and I mostly get hired by small clothing companies or start up brands to work out collections for them or to design new pieces. I also have a  small drop shipping company in clothes  called VICIERRE  that is currently on hold because I am just to busy with my design work. And next to that I am slowly working on my own brand. I can’t tell when it will launce  because I am a real perfectionist. I want everything to be tip toe perfect when I show it to the public. For me there is a time for everything and I don’t like rushing. When I am ready, I’m ready”


 “When I am not busy with my sketches (wich are mostly for design purposes only) or brainstorming (this is literally what I do on a day to day basis)  I love hanging out with my friends. They always bring out the best in me. I love going out for drinks or just to go and see a movie. And parties… ohh a party is never a bad idea. But most of all I love going on roadtrips, see new places and meet new people. I think I just love to get inspired..”


Three word description of your style
“Eighties throwback, Rock ‘n’ Rolla and a little bit of I don’t care.”


Who is your early style influencer?
“That’s an easy one.. MJ. Michael has not only been a style influencer but an influencer on so many other levels. But when it comes to style he is my number one. Also I love Cher. And everything studio 54, Rock n Roll and Country ( yes, I love country).”


What’s your favorite color combo?
“Im not really a colour kinda girl, I’m more of a chaotic mix it all up print kinda girl. So I love a good basic color like black, white, grey, olive green or navy mixed with some leopard or other chaotic print and then add some good texture like a good pair of ripped jeans or leather pants. And if I do mix colors I will mostly go for nude/nature  tones or black and white it’s either that or mixing prints..”


What is your ultimate wardrobe essential?
“A good old fashioned biker jacket and a great pair of fuck-me heels.”


What are you buying this fall to update your look?
“I have so much stuff! But I am looking for a good new faux fur coat for this winter. A really thick one because I don’t want to freeze to dead. And also some new biker boots. I want some really cool ones with crocodile or snake texture.”


Personal styling tricks
“I don’t really have styling tricks. Personally I just wear whatever I feel like. This can change from day to day. Sometimes I just wear my ripped jeans ( I still have my favorite pair from when I was 16) with a simple tee and my beanie on my head, heels and a biker jacket. And the next day I can be in leopard trousers with a red leather biker jacket on top with a  ACDC printed tee underneath (yes I do dress like a circus clown from time to time). And 12 hours later I can be in a gorgeous draped dress with killer heels and clutch with my hair tied to the back. I’d say dress yourself in whatever you feel like and take risks. Life is too fucking short to be boring.”


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