I tried this mani for the first time last summer  – as you can see in the picture on the right I didn’t master the dottingtool and striper yet. Practice makes perfect is what they say, right?

Great thing about this manicure is that it looks good in every color, however I still prefer to use either black or white in it. I would love to try working this one with tangerine, nude or even a multicolored version – ideas, ideas! 

Love to try this one? Scroll down to see the ‘how-to’!


How to:

1. Start off by applying a basecoat

2. Apply your base color, again I recommend at least two layers – to intensify the color. I used ‘Midgnight Grey’ by Rituals

3. Use a dottingtool – or a bobbypin as I did – and ‘dot’ the pattern you like. I kept it very clean and simple and used a white polish. 

4. Top off with a topcoat. For this mani I preferred a matte finish because I was going for a raw, ethnic look. I used Catrice’s ‘Nail Expert matt top coat’


What do you girls think? 


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