Editor’s picks: “Let’s get naked!”

The search for the perfect nude – not too pink and definitely not too yellow, not too light and not too dark – may well be a lifelong quest for manicure-addicts. Lucky for you, I’ve done the research to get you off to a good start!

I handpicked a few perfect nudes that will make your hands look younger, more gracefull, and, well, more polished! These are my personal favorites and I’m pretty sure they’ll work for you as well – see for yourself!

Pussycat was here by ANNY Cosmetics – € 9,95


First things first: Pussycat was here by ANNY cosmetics is, by far, the best nude polish in the game! This creamy nude tone works well for medium skin tones because it highlights the skin while providing just the right amount of contrast!

Damned lucky by ANNY Cosmetics – € 9,95


This light peach tone by ANNY Cosmetics errs on the pink side, but still works for medium to yellow-toned skins (like mine on the photo above). This one might even help brighten the natural skin tone, so fresh and so clean!

High heel society by ANNY Cosmetics – € 9,95


High heel society is another favorite by ANNY Cosmetics. As you might have noticed, this tone comes pretty close to Pussycat was here. However, this one is slightly lighter and a little more pink-ish. It’s especially pretty in the Summer months when you have a bit more of a tan! Notice how this tone makes my hands appear glowy?

Totem-ly yours by Sally Hansen – € 11,99


Pink not your thing? Opt for Totem-ly yours by Sally Hansen. I know I know, not the best picture and you might not notice it right away, but this tone is more of a brownish beige. Since this is a slightly darker tone, it might be a little too dark for lighter skin tones.

Also, all miracle gel polishes by Sally Hansen need the brands topcoat. This way your mani will last up to a week!



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