Date Night styling ideas

Got plans already? Whether you’re going for a romantic dinner date or a sultry night out, the chilly temps outside can make it quite a challenge to look cute. But believe me, it’s possible!

With that in mind, I took inspiration from the ultimate style influencer, Kim Kardashian. Take cues from these 4 ultra-sexy options for Valentine’s day.


Kimono robe by Zalando € 49,95 | Lingerie set by H&M € 39,98 | Black heels by Zalando € 59,95

With “Fifty shades of grey” opening in theaters on February 13, we might start preparing and get our hands on some sexy lingerie as well!

I mean, whether you’re single or taken, what you wear underneath it all should – first and foremost – make you feel sexy, right?

Pair your lingerie with a nice kimono robe when you’re staying in or ‘hide’ it under a hot outfit when going out. Now we got our ‘base’ covered, let’s get to the real work!


Longsleeve body by Zalando € 69,95 | Highwaisted trousers by H&M € 29,99 | Heeled sandals by Zalando € 99,95


Shirt dress by H&M € 29,99 | Overknee boots by Zalando € 189,95 | Oversized clutch by Nelly € 129,95

Overknee boots are perfect for those days when you don’t want to go for dull tights. Team up with a long waterfall coat or – even better – a fur coat, and you’re good to go!

“Add dimension to your look by mixing up different fabrics in the same color”


Drape dress by Zara € 49,95 | Biker jacket by Zara € 49,95 | Cut-out boots by Zara € 79,95


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