Budget Rocker: Flormar lipsticks

I dashed in to Flormar last week, to specifically look for a dupe of a limited edition M.A.C. lipstick I had seen on my niece. It’s a nude/peach color, called “Pander Me”, that seems to match perfectly with our brown skintones.

I visited this store before, last year I bought a fierce orange lipstick that is one of my favorites in my stash. In case you haven’t been there before, their prices are insane! Lipsticks are around  € 6,00 – € 7,00 and it’s unlikely that you will pay over € 5,00 for a lipliner. I have been using these for a couple of months and I absolutely love them. Also, these products pair well with M.A.C. colors!

Flormar works with different finishes for their lipproducts and they have everything from matte and longwearing to supershine stylo. I found the perfect M.A.C. dupe at the Longwearing collection, color L 17. It doesn’t have the matte finish as “Pander Me” but that’s fixable with a little bit of translucent powder!


I can go at least a couple of hours without having to reapply it and, this also goes for M.A.C lipsticks, my lips are nourished and moisturized. Can you imagine how happy I am to have this store just around the corner?!

Have you ever bought products at Flormar? What is your best buy?



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