I love mani’s! Where would I be without my precious hour (yes, I like to take my time) of treating my hands and nails? Nothing relaxes me more than sitting on my couch, mindlessly browsing the internet while playing music and doing my nails.

Recently I’m really into the black/white and nude manicures and this particular one is my fave.

Love to try this mani? Scroll down to see the ‘how-to’!


How to :

1. Apply a basecoat (any would do; but I prefer a nailhardener). 

2. Apply your base color, in my case black. I recommend two – or maybe even three – layers to intensify the color.

3. Apply white nailpolish on a sponge and dab it onto your nail. Remember to dab lightly – we don’t want the entire nail to turn white. 

4. Top off with a matte or wetlook topcoat. My favorite of all times is the ‘Better than gel nails top sealer’ by Essence, it makes my freshly painted nails last for a least a full week! 


What’s your favorite mani? 


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