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So yeah, anyone who knows me knows I move around a lot. For the last couple of years I lived like a nomad and moved around six times (at least!). Just to give an indication: I’m moving within two weeks, and this will be the third time – this year. I’m starting to believe I have some gypsy blood running through my veins.

At the moment I live in East, but I’m moving to a cute apartment closer to the city centre of Amsterdam.

I’m so happy and – in my head – I’m going all MTV Cribs about it! Time for some nice interior inspiration!

The Livingroom

When it comes to interior I love black and white. And modern and clean furniture. However, I need some exotic/natural accessories and decoration such as printed pillows, furry rugs and plaids, dreamcatchers and I even got my hands on two gorgeous djembes I found in a cool shop in Spain. One of the benefits of living in apartments that are on sale: the possibility to take the ‘left-behind’ furniture with you. The owner of one of the apartments gave me a couch – similar as the camel leather one below – for free! To me it’s perfect! Winning! 



The Desk

One thing I’m definitely missing right now, is a small desk or working area. The apartment isn’t that big, but a small working area is a musthave! I’m thinking about a tiny desk and an inspirational wall or something like a moodboard.



The Bedroom

I love my bedroom to be clean, simple and light but really, really dark at night. I invested in some custom made curtains that are perfect. I’ve to admit: I’m one of those lucky few who has no trouble falling asleep. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I’ll be zonked out in five minutes flat. I’m pretty sure my ‘dark’ bedroom has something to do with it.



The Bathroom

Yes, I’m even thinking about the bathroom! Although the apartments in Amsterdam are quite small (for the amount of money you pay – it’s CRAZY!), I’m lucky to have a big very big bathroom and a separate toilet, so that’s a definite plus! The storage space is very limited so making sure everything is out of sight when it comes to cosmetic products and towels would be a good idea. However, adding some shelves for extra storage looks really cute too!


The Closet

Most important area of the apartment? Maybe.. My closet area will be part of my bedroom – and I know I’m quite messy when it comes to an organized wardrobe. I’m thinking about buying some nice black drawers and one or two clothing racks to display my most precious and newest items. Sounds good, right?




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