Yesterday I decided to take a stroll around the Internet to get my daily dose of inspiration. I found these clean and light images of minimalistic bedrooms on Pinterest, stunning right?

I always want my bed to look like I have a little piece of heaven on earth. Thinking about it, I might have accomplished that – I fall asleep really really fast. Usually it takes me about 3 or 4 minutes and I’m out.

Want to know my secrets? Scroll down and read them below!


Shape dress € 24,95 H&M


Scented candle € 1,99 Ikea


Wooden hand € 19,00 HAY Amsterdam


LED Working lamp € 9,99 Ikea

Tips & tricks 

Late night shower
I take a late night shower about thirty minutes before I go to bed. Nothing relaxes me more!

Hot drinks
I always end my day by drinking a cup of warm milk or green tea with honey. I’ve  heard this is great to help you fall asleep faster!

Keeping it dark
I keep my bedroom dark. I feel like the darkness tricks my body into thinking it’s midnight, I’m gone in seconds.




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